The Lemon Boss was first created as a way for our 9-year old son to start a business in selling Lemonade over the summer. This was short lived and we took the name and applied it to our bakery business. Alziere (Company Director and Head Baker) took her passion for baking and combined it with the character and aesthetic of a lemon.

A lemon is vibrant in colour and comes in various shapes and sizes. This depicts a lot of what the business is about. We love to engage with our customers in a vibrant and colourful way with the hope that a relationship is formed and it develops beyond that initial meet. The shapes and sizes does not just reflect the different product range that we have, but also the nature of life where there are no two things that are the same. Each part of creation is unique in its own way and we should celebrate our uniqueness.

Thus, The Lemon Boss is one that takes life on - the struggles in the trench and the victories on the mountaintops - and does life with a little help from her friends.